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15.5.814 xregister

xregister [, event_mask, window=window, menu=menu] [, /enterwindow, /leavewindow, /allevents, /allwindows, /allmenus, /deselect]

[x11] Register, unregister, or display registered event types for xloop. Without arguments, xregister displays currently registered event types. With a positive argument, the corresponding event types are registered. With a negative argument, the corresponding event types are unregistered. With a zero argument, all event types are unregistered. event_mask has bits to set for each event type and also has bits to select specific event sources. These items can also be set through the keywords.


(Bit 0) selects a key press.


(Bit 2) selects a mouse button press.


(Bit 3) selects the release of a mouse button key.


(Bit 4) selects movement of the mouse pointer.


(Bit 5) selects entering of the mouse pointer into a window or menu. item.


(Bit 6) selects leaving of a window or menu item by the mouse pointer.


(Bit 7) selects all LUX windows for event source.


(Bit 8) select all LUX menu items for event source.


(Bit 9)indicates unregistering rather than registering of event types and sources.


selects all event types (bits 0 through 6).

See also: xloop