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15.5.752 xmpixmapoptionmenu

xmpixmapoptionmenu(parent, callback, font, color, title, pixmapfile1 [,...] [, default])

[motif package] Creates an option menu widget that uses pixmaps for the button labels. The option menu widget is created inside the widget with id parent. The option menu’s title is title, which is displayed in the indicated font and color (or defaults, if the arguments are not strings, or are null strings). callback must be a string containing a statement to be executed when any one of the options is selected. The file names of the pixmaps for all buttons are contained in pixmapfile1 and further arguments – except that if the last argument is a scalar, then it indicates which one of the options is the default one (starting at zero). If the last argument is not a scalar, then the first option is the default one.

The function returns an array of integers. The buttons are stored in a column/row widget, whose widget ID is returned at index 0. The widget IDs of the buttons are returned starting at index 1. The widget IDs for the option label and for the "current selection (a cascade button)" follow at the end.

The callback statement can inspect global variable $OPTION_value to find out which one of the buttons was selected.