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15.5.719 xmcommand

xmcommand( parent, callback, nvisible [, nmax, prompt, font, color])

[motif package] Creates a command line widget in the parent and returns its widget id. A command line widget has a recessed command line area at the bottom and a recessed command line history area at the top, with the prompt label in between. The user can enter text in the command line area, or select a line from the history area. When the user accepts the input (by pressing the Enter key, or by double-clicking on a line in the history area), then it is displayed below the lines (if any) that were already present in the history area, shifting the older lines up by one if necessary. In addition, the last line is also stored in $COMMAND_line.

The callback string is executed whenever the user accepts some newly entered text. The widget uses the indicated font and color. At most nvisible lines of history are visible at once, and at most nmax lines of history are available – with scroll bars giving access to those lines or those parts of lines that are available but not currently shown.