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15.5.717 xmcheckbox

xmcheckbox( parent, callback, font, color, label1 [,...] [, columns])

[motif package] Creates a check box widget with check boxes in the parent widget. Each check box item consists of a small square button, either depressed (selected) or not depressed (not selected), with a label after it. The check box labels are specified in string variable label1 and following arguments, and are displayed in the specified font and color (or defaults, if these arguments are not strings or are null strings). If the last argument is a scalar, then it is taken to indicate the number of columns in which to group the check boxes. The callback is a string that gets executed when one of the check boxes is selected. The index of the selected check box (starting counting at zero) can be found in global variable $RADIO_button, and the state of the selected check box after the selection is written into $RADIO_state: 0 means unselected, and 1 means selected.

The function returns an array of integers. The first number is the widget ID of the column/row widget that contains the check boxes. The remaining numbers are the IDs of the individual check boxes.