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15.5.689 xanimate

xanimate, data [, x, y, fr1=fr1, fr2=fr2, frstep=frstep] [, /time]

[x11] Displays images from byte array data as a movie at the highest speed. data must have at least three dimensions: the individual images are taken from the first two. x and y specify the offset in the current window where the movie is to be displayed. fr1 and fr2 specify the start and end frame number (relative to frame 0) of the frames to be displayed, and frstep specifies the frame step size.

If keyword /time is specified, then a report on the cpu time and clock time elapsed during the movie showing is given. The report includes the elapsed time, the number of frames per second (effective - ignoring frstep - for clock time, actual for cputime), and the actual number of pixels displayed per second.

The images from data are dumped to the screen without additional manipulation, as by tvraw.

See also: tvraw, scale