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15.5.656 tvlct

tvlct, r, g, b [, /fixedsize]

[x11] Sets a color table. The arguments are three one-dimensional arrays of equal size, specifying the relative contributions (between 0 and 1) of red (r), green (g), and blue (b) as a function of increasing color cell index. If the number of elements of the arrays is unequal to the number of color cells, then interpolation in the arrays is performed so that the first element of the arrays specifies the color for color cell index 0, and the last element specifies the color for the last color cell.

If /fixedsize is specified, then no interpolation into the existing color table is done, but instead the new values are inserted into successive color cells of the existing color table, until either the new values run out or all existing color ramp cells are serviced.

See also: Image Display, tv