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15.5.654 tv3

tv3, image [, two=bitmap1, three=bitmap2, x=x, y=y] [, /dev, /dvi, /img, /rim, /plt, /rpl] [, /screen, /pdev, /postscript, /plotwindow, /zoom, /center]

[x11] Displays an image and up to two bitmaps simultaneously, using the "three-color" color table.


The image to be displayed. It must be a two-dimensional numerical array.

bitmap1, bitmap2

The bitmaps. If scalars are specified for either of these arguments, then that argument is treated as if it were not specified. Otherwise, the bitmaps must have the same number of elements as the image. Only between zero and non-zero values is distinguished. Those parts of the image that corresponds to zeros in both bitmap1 and bitmap2 (if specified) are displayed in the bottom section of the color table (greyscale by default). Those parts that correspond to ones in bitmap1 are shown in the middle section of the color table (red by default), and the parts that correspond to zeros in bitmap1 but ones in bitmap2 are displayed in the top section of the color table (blue by default).

x, y

The target coordinates of the displayed image. The coordinates are measured in the coordinate system indicated by one of the coordinate system keywords, or in the /dev system by default.

For the remaining keywords, see at tv.

See also: threecolors, tv