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15.5.586 string

string([ format,] arg [, …, /skip_undefined])

string, arg [, …]

With more than one argument, function string is a synonym of fstring. If only a single argument is specified, then this argument may be a string, string array, or scalar. With a scalar argument, function string transforms the argument to an ascii string under guidance of the appropriate standard format (!format_c, !format_i or !format_f, and removes initial whitespace. With a string array argument, function string returns a copy transformed to a single continuous string, stringing all elements of arg together. With a string argument, function string just returns that (i.e., does nothing).

The subroutine form converts its arguments to text strings; scalars (real or complex) are transformed to strings, and arrays (real or complex) are transformed to string arrays.

In the future, the behavior of the one-argument string function will be made compatible with the string subroutine.

See also: fstring, print, !format_c, !format_i, !format_f