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15.5.578 starpm

starpm, ra1, dec1, pmr1, pmd1, px1, rv1, jdtdb1, jdtdb2, ra2, dec2, pmr2, pmd2, px2, rv2

[SOFA] Updates star catalog data for space motion. The *1 parameters are “before” values for TDB Julian Date jdtdb1. The *2 parameters are returned “after” values for TDB Julian Date jdtdb2. ra = right ascension (radians), dec = declination (radians), pmr = right ascension proper motion (rad/a), pmd = declination proper motion (rad/a), px = parallax (arcsec), rv = radial velocity (km/s receding). The input arguments must all have the same dimensions. The output variables get those same dimensions.

See also: Astronomical Coordinate Calculations