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15.5.566 smooth

smooth(x [[, axis], width][, /partial_width, /all])

Boxcar-smooths x along the axes indicated in axis over a number of elements picked from width. If width is an array, then it may have fewer dimensions than x but the dimensions it does have must be equal to the corresponding dimensions of x. In that case, width is repeated as needed to service all elements of x. The number of elements around each element of x that is smoothed over is equal to the corresponding element of width.

If axis is not specified but /all is, then the results are as if indgen(width) were specified for axis. If axis is not specified or negative, then x is regarded as a one-dimensional array. In that case, width must be scalar.

/partial_width determines handling at the edges: If it is set , then the edges are filled with the nearest smaller-width value. If it is not set, then the edges are filled with the nearest full-width value.

See also: runcum, runsum, gsmooth, esmooth