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15.5.477 randomd

randomd( [seed=seed,] distribution, dimensions)

Returns a long array with the specified dimensions, which may be a set of integer arguments, or a single integer array. The returned array is filled with integers between 0 and num_elem(distribution) - 1 (inclusive) that are drawn at random according to the distribution function given by distribution. The elements of the distribution function must be monotonically increasing, i.e., no element may be smaller than the preceding element. Also, we must have distribution(0) greater than or equal to zero, and distribution(*-1) equal to 1. The probability that a particular returned number is equal to x is given by differ(distribution,0,1) (if distribution is a one-dimensional array). seed specifies a seed for the random numbers, and must be non-zero. The same seed generates the same sequence of pseudo-random numbers every time. Different seeds generate different sequences.

See also: random, Random Arrays