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15.5.463 projectmap

projectmap(map, height [, hdist=hdist, angle=angle, mag=mag, xmap=xmap, ymap=ymap, size=size])

Returns a projected version of the two-dimensional map, which must be a numerical array. The eye is height units above the map, measured in units of one map element (as are all linear measurements in the argument list). The returned array has the same data type as map. By default, the returned array has 512 by 512 elements and shows the central height by height elements of map.

hdist, which defaults to 0, indicates the horizontal distance of the eye from the chosen center of the projection. angle, which defaults to 0, indicates the direction of the horizontal displacement of the eye, such that an angle of zero yields the same orientation as tv,map, and an increase of the angle leads to a clockwise rotation of the projection. mag, which defaults to 1, indicates the linear magnification factor. A greater mag leads to a smaller fraction of the map being visible in the result. xmap and ymap indicate the map coordinates of the chosen center of the projection. This location defaults to the center of the map, i.e., to dimen(map)/2. size, which defaults to 512, indicates the linear size of the array that is returned. If size is a scalar, then its value is taken for both dimensions. If it is an array, then the first two of its elements are taken for the dimensions. If hdist is zero, then the greatest dimension of the output array spans height/mag elements of the map.