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15.5.462 projection

projection [, matrix, translate=translate, rotate=rotate, scale=scale, perspective=perspective, oblique=oblique] [, /reset, /original]

[develop package] Sets, resets, or modifies the current 3d-transformation/projection. The following keywords and arguments are always treated in the order in which they are mentioned here:


fills transformation matrix #p3d with the identity transformation.


is a 16-element (4 by 4) matrix to be entered into #p3d.


is a 3-element vector containing the coordinates of a translation vector.


for perspective projections is either a 3-element vector containing the relative screen coordinates of the center of the projection and the distance that the eye is behind the projection plane, or just the distance.


is a 3-element vector containing the rotation angles around the x, y, and z axis.


is a 3-element vector containing the scale factors in the x, y, and z directions.


is a 2-element vector for isometric projections (first element: size, second element: angle).


selects the original (data-cube related) coordinate system instead of the current (screen-related) coordinate system.

All arguments but matrix may be specified by keyword.

See also: #p3d, plot3d