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15.5.445 pointer

pointer, pointer, target [, /subroutine, /function, /internal, /main]

If no keywords are specified, then this routine makes named variable pointer point at target, which may be an expression as long as it evaluates to a named variable. If pointer is a pointer (class transfer) already, then its old link is broken before the new link to target is installed.

If one or more keywords are specified, then target must be a string containing the name of the intended target symbol. /subroutine indicates that the target is a subroutine, /function that it is a function, and /main that it is a variable at the main execution level. /internal modifies the behavior of /subroutine and /function: it indicates that the target is an internal function or subroutine. If /internal is not specified, then the target is a user-defined (but not necessarily already compiled) subroutine or function.

See also: symbol