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15.5.440 pn06a

pn06a, jdtt, dpsi, deps, epsa, rb, rp, rbp, rn, rbpn

[SOFA] Returns precession-nutation according to the IAU 2006/2000A models for the specified TT Julian Date jdtt. The output parameters are the nutation in longitude in radians dpsi, the nutation in obliquity in radians deps, the mean obliquity epsa, the frame bias matrix rb, the precession matrix rp, the bias-precession matrix rbp, the nutation matrix rn, and the GCRS-to-true matrix rbpn. dpsi, deps, and epsa get the same dimensions as jdtt. The remaining output variables get those same dimensions plus two extra dimensions equal to 3 prefixed.

See also: Astronomical Coordinate Calculations