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15.5.427 pixelsto8bit

pixelsto8bit, raw, pixels8bit, colormap

Interprets raw as raw pixel values suitable for the current visual (i.e., suitable for display through tvraw), and returns an 8-bit equivalent (in pixels8bit) and the associated colormap (in colormap). If the image contains at most 256 distinct colors, then the combination of the two output parameters is fully equivalent to the input image. If the image contains more than 256 distinct colors, then 256 distinct colors are selected from it at random, and each of the other colors from the image are represented in the output by the nearest of the 256 chosen colors. The colormap has 3 by 256 elements, for the red, green, and blue color values.

The pixels8bit and colormap can be passed to gigwrite.

See also: colorstogrey, gifwrite, show_visuals, tvraw