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15.5.415 p06e

p06e, jdtt, eps0, psia, oma, bpa, bqa, pia, bpia, epsa, chia, za, zetaa, thetaa, pa, gam, phi, psi

[SOFA] Returns IAU 2006 equinox-based precession angles for TT Julian Date jdtt. The returned precession angles are: obliquity at J2000.0 epsilon_0, luni-solar precession psi_a, inclination of equator with respect to J2000.0 ecliptic omega_a, ecliptic pole x from the J2000.0 ecliptic triad p_a, ecliptic pole -y from the J2000.0 ecliptic triad q_a, angle between the moving and J2000.0 ecliptics pi_a, longitude of ascending node of the ecliptic Pi_a, obliquity of the ecliptic epsilon_a, planetary precession chi_a, equatorial precession -3rd 323 Euler angle z_a, equatorial precession -1st 323 Euler angle zeta_a, equatorial precession 2nd 323 Euler angle theta_a, general precession p_a, f-w angle J2000.0 right ascension difference of ecliptic poles gamma_j2000, f-w angle J2000.0 codeclination of ecliptic pole phi_j2000, f-w angle J2000.0 longitude difference of equator poles psi_j2000. The returned values are all in radians and have the same dimensions as jdtt.

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