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15.5.410 oplot

oplot [, xdata=xdata], ydata=ydata [, symbol=symbol, line=line, dashsize=dashsize, xerrors=xerrors, yerrors=yerrors, breaks=breaks, xbarsize=xbarsize, ybarsize=ybarsize] [, /dev, /dvi, /img, /plt, /rim, /rpl, /whole, /clipbars]

Draws ydata versus xdata in the current window, assuming the current plot window, e.g. to add a curve to the previous plot. This routine works the same as plot, except that (1) the current window is not erased; (2) no plot window, axes, tick marks, coordinate labels, axis labels, or plot title are drawn; (3) the data values corresponding to the plot edges are taken from !mxb, !mxt, !myb, and !myt, rather than derived from the data points.

See plot for more information.