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15.5.352 local_minloc

local_minloc(array, position [, /subgrid, /bound])

Finds position and value of local minima in array, starting at the positions (indices) in position and walking along the steepest gradient. position must be a scalar or array of indices to array. By default, a local minimum on the grid is returned. Keyword /subgrid requests the return of the subgrid position, as determined from a quadratic fit near the integer position, with the subgrid position forced to be within one px in any coordinate from the integer position. Allow far subgrid results by also specifying /nobound. The last found minimum is put in !lastmin and !lastminloc (the latter as an integer index to array), and and all found positions are returned as coordinates to array. If an indicated position falls before the beginning or after the end of the array then the nearest position inside the array is used instead.

See also: local_min, local_max, local_maxloc, min, minloc, !lastmin, !lastminloc