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15.5.323 insert

insert, target, source [, x, ...]

Inserts source in target starting at the position indicated by the coordinates indicated by x and the following arguments, which must all be real scalars.

If there is a single coordinate argument, then target and source are regarded as one-dimensional arrays and x indicates the offset into target at which the contents of source is to be inserted.

If there is more than one coordinate argument, then there must be one coordinate argument for each dimension of target, and source must have the same number of dimensions as target. The source data is then inserted into the target starting at the indicated coordinates, taking into account the dimensional structure of both.

If any element of source would be "inserted" beyond the boundaries of target, then an error is generated before any insertions have been done.

Note: insert is mostly obsolete, because insertion using subscripts (Insertion) can do everything that insert can do, and is more versatile as well. insert is kept around because it was written be fore insertion through subscripts became available and might still be used in ANA scripts converted to LUX.