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15.5.296 gsmooth

gsmooth(data [[, axis], width, /normalize, /fullnorm, /balanced, /all])

Returns a smoothed version of data, with a gaussian smoothing kernel with a FWHM of width elements along axes axis. Both axis and width may have more than one element, in which case multiple smoothing passes are performed using subsequent values of these arguments.

Keyword /fullnorm specifies that the weighted sum of data values is always normalized with the full sum of weights in the kernel: it adds in data values beyond the edges of data as zeros.

Keyword /balanced reduces the width of the included data set so that the weighted and included data is always balanced around the central point: in this way, a smoothed version of a straight line is also a straight line.

Keyword /all specifies that all axes must be smoothed along, but is ignored if axis is specified.

See also: smooth, esmooth