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15.5.292 goplot

goplot[,x],y[,linetype=ltype] [,pointtype=ptype,dashtype=dtype] [,color=color,legend=legend]

Adds the graph of y versus x to the previous plot created using gplot or goplot, through the external "gnuplot" program, if that program is available.

If only one of x and y are specified, then it is interpreted as y and provides the y coordinates of the data points to plot, with default x coordinates. If both are specified, then they must have the same dimensional structure. Then the x coordinates are taken from x and the y coordinates are taken from y.

ltype is a positive integer that selects the line type. ptype is a positive integer that selects the point type. dtype is a positive integer that selects the dash type. Depending on which of these are specified, you get a graph showing lines, symbols, or both.

color is text specifying which color to use.

legend specifies the text with which to identify the graph in the legend in the plot.