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15.5.242 fk52h

fk52h, ra5, dec5, dra5, ddec5, px5, rv5, rah, dech, drah, ddech, pxh, rvh

[SOFA] Transforms FK5 (J2000.0) star data into the Hipparcos system. The input FK5 data is: right ascension ra5 (radians), declination dec5 (radians), proper motion in right ascension dra5 (dRA/dt, radians per Julian year), proper motion in declination ddec5 (ddec/dt, radians per Julian year), parallax px5 (arcseconds), radial velocity rv5 (km/s, positive receding). The output Hipparcos data is: right ascension rah, declination dech, proper motion in right ascension drah, proper motion in declination ddech, parallax pxh, radial velocity rvh – with the same units as for the FK5 coordinates.

See also: Astronomical Coordinate Calculations