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15.5.174 erase

erase [, window, x, y, w, h] [, /dev, /dvi, /img, /plt, /rim, /rpl] [, /screen, /postscript]

Erases (part of) a LUX window (if /screen is specified or !pdev is equal to zero), or starts a new page in the Postscript output file with name !ps_file (if /postscript is specified or !pdev is equal to 1).

If the action is in the Postscript file, then all other arguments are ignored. Otherwise, the erasure occurs in window window (defaults to !window – commonly the last used window) and is optionally restricted to the window part starting at coordinates (x, y) with width w and height h, all measured in the coordinate system indicated by the keywords, or in dev coordinated by default.

See also: Screen Coordinates, !pdev, !window, !ps_file