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15.5.169 epv00

epv00, jdtdb, pvh, pvb

[SOFA] Returns the Earth position and velocity for the specified TDB Julian Dates jdtdb (for most applications, TT can also be used instead of TDB), in the heliocentric (pvh) and barycentric (pvb) coordinate systems, with respect to the Barycentric Celestial Reference System. pvh(0,*) = heliocentric position (AU), pvh(1,*) = heliocentric velocity (AU/d), pvb(0,*) = barycentric position (AU), pvb(1,*) = barycentric velocity (AU/d). pvh and pvb have the same dimensions as jdtdb but with an extra dimension equal to 2 prefixed.

See also: Astronomical Coordinate Calculations