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15.5.141 distr

distr, target, bins, values

distr(bins, values [, /ignorelimit, /increaselimit])

Distributes the values over the corresponding bins. The function returns an array containing the gathered totals in bins 0 through max(values), unless some of the bin numbers in bins are negative, in which case the first element contains the data for the most negative bin. If values contains only 1s, then distr(bins,values) equals hist(bins). The subroutine adds the values to the proper bins of target.

The function form does not allow a value range over !maxhistsize (measured from the most negative value or zero to the maximum value), unless one of the keywords is specified. /ignorelimit just ignores the value of !maxhistsize, and /increaselimit increases its value to accomodate the current (possibly very large!) range of values.

See also: hist, !maxhistsize