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15.5.119 cspline_extr

cspline_extr, x, y [, axis, pos=pos, minpos=minpos, minval=minval, maxpos=maxpos, maxval=maxval [, /periodic]

This routine determines extreme values on the curve interpolated between data points (x,y) using natural cubic splines. axis (a scalar) specifies along which dimension values of y must be taken. By default, 0 is assumed. The values in x must be in ascending order, and there must be one value in x for each value along the selected dimension in y. If pos is specified, then it must be a scalar and indicates the x coordinate at which the search for an appropriate local extreme must begin; otherwise, absolute extreme values are sought. Found extreme values and their locations are returned in minpos, minval, maxpos, and maxval as appropriate.

See also: cspline