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15.5.53 breakpoint

breakpoint, string [, /set, /list]

breakpoint, n [, /disable, /enable, /delete, /list]

Unfinished routine for debugging. The first form sets and enables a breakpoint in routine string. A particular line number can be appended to string after a colon (:). If no line number is appended, then the breakpoint is set for entry of the routine, function, or file. The second form modifies existing breakpoint number n. The /enable switch enables the breakpoint (i.e., execution is stopped at the breakpoint). The /disable switch disables the breakpoint (i.e., the breakpoint is retained but is ignored during execution and can be enabled again later). The /delete breakpoint deletes the breakpoint. The /list switch lists all currently defined breakpoints and their status (enabled/disabled) after all indicated changes have been made to the breakpoint list.

See also: Debug Routines