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6.3.10 Subscripts

A subscript is a device that selects certain elements from a set such as an array (Arrays), file array (File Arrays), string (Strings) or associated variable (Associated Variables). You refer to one or more particular elements of a set by coordinates, coordinate arrays, ranges, indices, or lists. Coordinate array subscripts, scalar subscripts, and range subscripts can be mixed freely. Not just variables of the appropriate kinds, but also expressions of those kinds can be subscripted.

If only a single subscript is specified (i.e., for a single dimension) and the /ALL keyword is not specified, then the source is treated as if it had only one dimension (containing all of its elements).

The result of the subscription has the same number of dimensions as the subscripted variable, except that those dimensions of the result that are equal to 1 are omitted, unless keyword /KEEPDIMS is used.

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