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6.1.3 Reserved Keywords

A number of words are reserved by LUX to indicate certain LUX language features. The list of reserved words is the following:

and, andif, begin, block, break, case, compileif, continue, do, else, end, endblock, endcase, endcif, endfunc, endsubr, eq, for, func, ge, gt, if, le, lt, mod, ncase, ne, or, orif, repeat, retall, return, run, smod, subr, then, until, while, xor

These words (in any combination of upper case and lower case letters) cannot be used as names for variables, user-defined subroutines, or functions, and will generate errors when used as such. They can be used as part of literal strings (i.e., t,'break' is OK; t,break is not).

In addition, the words ignore and resume are similarly reserved if they occur as the first word on a line. They can be used as named for variables or routines as long as they do not appear as the first word on a line. See Ignoring Input for more information.