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@ statement: File Inclusion
@@ statement: File Inclusion

Addition: Binary Arithmetic
Argument specification: Argument Specification
Arguments to functions and routines: Arguments
Arguments to the command invoking LUX: Command Line Arguments
Arguments, empty: Empty Arguments
Arguments, variable numbers of: Lists of Subscripts
Arithmetic, binary: Binary Arithmetic
Array compression routines: Array Data Compression
Array creation routines: Array Creation
Array manipulation routines: Array Manipulation
Arrays: Arrays
Arrays, combining: Combining Arrays
Arrays, extracting elements: Referencing Arrays
Arrays, file: File Arrays
Arrays, referencing elements: Referencing Arrays
Arrays, specifying: Specifying Arrays
Assignments: Assignment
Associated variables: Associated Variables
Astronomical routines: Astronomy and Calendars
Availability of routines, functions, and global variables: Packages

B at end of hexadecimal numbers: Integer Numbers
Base 10 numbers: Integer Numbers
Base 16 numbers: Integer Numbers
Base 60 numbers: Floating-Point Numbers
Base 8 numbers: Integer Numbers
Batch mode: Batch Mode
BEGIN statement: Block Statement
Bessel functions: Bessel Functions
Bigendian machine: Byte Order
Binary arithmetic: Binary Arithmetic
Binary bounding: Binary Bounding
Binary logical conditional operators: Binary Conditionals
Binary logical operators: Binary Logic
Binary operators, logical: Binary Logic
Binary relational operators: Binary Relationals
Block routine definition: Block Routine Definition
Block routine execution: Block Routine Execution
Block statement: Block Statement
Bounding values: Binary Bounding
BREAK statement: BREAK Statement
Breaking lines: Line Breaks
Built-in functions/routines: Internal Routines
Byte order in multi-byte data formats: Byte Order
BYTE value: Numerical Data Types

Calculator mode: Calculator Mode
Calendar routines: Astronomy and Calendars
Calling a function: Function Call
Calling a subroutine: Subroutine Call
CASE statement: CASE Statement
Classes of data: Data Classes
Closing disk files: Opening/Closing Files
Color routines: Color
Colors: Colors
Combining: Concatenation
Combining arrays: Combining Arrays
Combining subscripts: Multiple Subscripts
Command line arguments of the invoking command: Command Line Arguments
Command line input: Command Input
Comments: Ignoring Input
Compact Lists: Compact Lists
Comparing values: Binary Relationals
Complex Functions: Complex Functions
complex numbers: Complex Numbers
Compression, disk file I/O: Data-Compressed I/O
Concatenation: Concatenation
Conditional operators, binary logical: Binary Conditionals
Continuation of input lines: Command Input
CONTINUE statement: CONTINUE Statement
Conventions for font use: Conventions
Conversion of data types: Data Conversion
Conversion of numbers: Number Conversion
Conversion of strings: String Conversion
Conversion of texts: String Conversion
Coordinate subscripts: Coordinate Subscripts
Coordinates, screen: Screen Coordinates
Cosine transforms: Spectral Functions
Creating data variables: Data Creation
Creation, array: Array Creation
Creation, file array: File Array Creation

Data classes: Data Classes
Data compression routines: Data Compression
Data conversion: Data Conversion
Data creation: Data Creation
Data I/O routines: Data I/O Routines
Data I/O routines: Data Input/Output
Data mapping: Data Mapping
Data types: Numerical Data Types
Data-compressed disk file I/O: Data-Compressed I/O
Debugging: Debugging
Debugging routines: Debug Routines
Decimal numbers: Integer Numbers
Definition of a function: Function Definition
Definition of block routine: Block Routine Definition
Definition of subroutine: Subroutine Definition
DEP coordinates: Screen Coordinates
DEV coordinates: Screen Coordinates
Device-dependent coordinates: Screen Coordinates
Device-independent coordinates: Screen Coordinates
Diagnostic output: Diagnostic Output
Discrete spectral transforms: Spectral Functions
Disk file arrays: File Arrays
Disk file associated variables: Associated Variables
Disk file byte order: Byte Order
Disk file I/O: Disk File I/O
Disk file I/O routines: Disk I/O
Disk file I/O, compressed: Data-Compressed I/O
Disk file, uncompressed input routines: Uncompressed Disk Input
Disk files, opening/closing: Opening/Closing Files
Disk files, uncompressed output routines: Uncompressed Disk Output
Displaying images: Image Display
Distributions, statistical: Statistical Functions
Division: Binary Arithmetic
DO-WHILE statement: DO-WHILE Statement
Double precision floating-point numbers: Floating-Point Numbers
DOUBLE value: Numerical Data Types
DVI coordinates: Screen Coordinates

Element selection: Subscripts
Element, list: Structure/List Element
Element, structure: Structure/List Element
Elements, extracting array: Referencing Arrays
Empty arguments: Empty Arguments
END statement: Block Statement
Environment variables: Environment
Equal to: Binary Relationals
Error messages: Error Messages
Escape codes: Escape Codes
Evaluating a function: Function Call
Event routines: Events
Examples of input formats: Input Format Examples
Executing a subroutine: Subroutine Call
Execution of block routine: Block Routine Execution
EXIT statement: EXIT/QUIT Statement
Exiting LUX: Start & Stop
Exponential functions: Exponential/Logarithmic Functions
Expression subscripts: Expression Subscripts
Expressions: Expressions
Extracting array elements: Referencing Arrays

Field widths in formats: Format Field Width
File array creation routines: File Array Creation
File arrays: File Arrays
File inclusion: File Inclusion
File, disk I/O routines: Disk I/O
Fitting functions: Fitting
FLOAT value: Numerical Data Types
Floating-point numbers: Floating-Point Numbers
Font use in the manual: Conventions
FOR statement: FOR Statement
Format field width: Format Field Width
Format modifiers: Format Modifiers
Format precision specification: Format Precision
Formats for data input: Input Data Formats
Formats for data output: Output Data Formats
Formats, field width: Format Field Width
Formats, input examples: Input Format Examples
Formats, input types: Input Format Types
Formats, precision: Format Precision
Formatted I/O: Formatted Input/Output
Fourier transforms: Spectral Functions
Fractional subscripts: Fractional Subscripts
Function call: Function Call
Function definition: Function Definition
Function evaluation: Function Call
Function fitting: Fitting
Function groups: Routine Groups
Function, status: Status Funcs
Function, system: Status Funcs
Functions calling themselves: Recursion
Functions, argument specification: Argument Specification
Functions, arguments: Arguments
Functions, internal: Internal Routines

GIF compression: Data-Compressed I/O
Global variabes, read-write: Read-Write Global Vars
Global variables: Global Variables
Global variables, read-only: Read-Only Globals
Grammar of LUX: Syntax
Graphics: Graphics
Graphs: Plots and Graphs
Greater than: Binary Relationals
Greater than or equal to: Binary Relationals
Gregorian calendar: Astronomy and Calendars
Group of statements: Block Statement
Groups of expressions: Compact Lists
Groups of numbers: Arrays
Groups of routines: Routine Groups
Groups of strings: Arrays
Groups of tagged expressions: Lists

Help routines: Help Routines
Hexadecimal numbers: Integer Numbers
Hilbert transforms: Spectral Functions
History of LUX: History
Hyperbolic functions: Hyperbolic Functions

I/O routines: Data Input/Output
IF statement: IF Statement
IGNORE statement: Ignoring Input
Ignoring input: Ignoring Input
Image coordinates: Screen Coordinates
Image display: Image Display
imaginary numbers: Complex Numbers
IMG coordinates: Screen Coordinates
In-line print formats: In-Line Print Formats
Including a file as LUX input: File Inclusion
Index subscripts: Index Subscripts
Information routines: Information
Initialization file: Start & Stop
Inner-style subscript combination: Multiple Subscripts
Input continuation: Command Input
Input data formats: Input Data Formats
Input format examples: Input Format Examples
Input format types: Input Format Types
Input formatting: Formatted Input/Output
Input from disk files: Disk File I/O
Input from keyboard: Keyboard/Screen I/O
Input from tape: Tape File I/O
Input from the keyboard: Command Input
Input routines from tape: Tape I/O
Input routines from the keyboard: User I/O
Input to LUX: Input/Output
Input, data routines: Data Input/Output
Input, uncompressed from disk files: Uncompressed Disk Input
Input/Output routines: Data I/O Routines
Inserting into Lists: Structure Insertion
Inserting into Ranges: Structure Insertion
Inserting into Structures: Structure Insertion
Inserting using subscripts: Subscript Insertion
Inserting values: Insertion
Inspecting the system: System Inspection
Inspecting variables: Variable Inspection
Installing LUX: Installing LUX
INT value: Numerical Data Types
INT64 value: Numerical Data Types
Integer numbers: Integer Numbers
Internal functions/routines: Internal Routines
Interpolating functions: Interpolation
Islamic calendar: Astronomy and Calendars

JPEG compression: Data-Compressed I/O
Julian caledar: Astronomy and Calendars
Julian date: Astronomy and Calendars
Jump statements: Jumps
Jump to end of loop: BREAK Statement
Jump to start of loop: CONTINUE Statement

Key code overview: Key Code Overview
Keyboard I/O routines: User I/O
Keyboard input: Command Input
Keyboard input: Keyboard/Screen I/O
Keystroke overview: Key Code Overview
Keyword arguments: Argument Specification
Keyword assignment: Argument Specification

Less than: Binary Relationals
Less than or equal to: Binary Relationals
Line breaks: Line Breaks
Line plot routines: Plots
List element: Structure/List Element
Lists: Lists
Lists as subscripts: Lists of Subscripts
Lists of tagged expressions: Lists
Lists, combining: Concatenation
Literal text: Strings
Littleendian machine: Byte Order
Local variables: Local Variables
Logarithmic functions: Exponential/Logarithmic Functions
Logical AND: Binary Logic
Logical AND, conditional: Binary Conditionals
Logical binary operators: Binary Logic
Logical exclusive-OR: Binary Logic
Logical operators, binary conditional: Binary Conditionals
Logical OR: Binary Logic
Logical OR, conditional: Binary Conditionals
LONG value: Numerical Data Types
Loop statement until condition at end: REPEAT Statement
Loop statement while condition at end: DO-WHILE Statement
Loop statement while condition at start: WHILE-DO Statement
Loop statement, fixed: FOR Statement
Lower bound: Binary Bounding
LUX grammar: Syntax
LUX input from a file: File Inclusion
LUX syntax: Syntax
LUXDIR: Environment
LUXDRIVE: Environment
LUXFONTSDIR: Environment
LUX_PATH: Environment

Main level, return to: RETALL Statement
Manipulation, array: Array Manipulation
Mapping to different data types: Data Mapping
Mathematical filters: Filters
Mathematical functions: Math Routines
Mathematical routines: Math Routines
Matrix mathematics: Matrix Math
Maximum, routines dealing with: Filters
Mayan calendar: Astronomy and Calendars
Menus: Menus
Minimum, routines dealing with: Filters
Minus, unary: Unary Minus
Modification assignment: Operand-Assignment
Modifiers of text formats: Format Modifiers
Modulus: Binary Arithmetic
Multiple subscripts: Multiple Subscripts
Multiplication: Binary Arithmetic

Named variables: Variables
NCASE statement: NCASE Statement
Newlines: Line Breaks
Not equal to: Binary Relationals
Number conversion: Number Conversion
Numbers: Numerical Data Types
numbers, complex: Complex Numbers
Numbers, integer: Integer Numbers
Numbers, random: Random Arrays
Numerical arrays: Arrays
Numerical arrays, combining: Combining Arrays
Numerical arrays, referencing elements: Referencing Arrays
Numerical arrays, referencing elements: Referencing Arrays
Numerical arrays, specifying: Specifying Arrays
Numerical data types: Numerical Data Types

Octal numbers: Integer Numbers
Opening disk files: Opening/Closing Files
Operand assignment: Operand-Assignment
Operators: Operators
Options, specified when starting LUX: Command Line Arguments
Other variables, pointers to: Pointers
Ouput, data routines: Data Input/Output
Outer-style subscript combination: Multiple Subscripts
Output data formats: Output Data Formats
Output format for each data type: In-Line Print Formats
Output formatting: Formatted Input/Output
Output routines to screen: User I/O
Output routines to tape: Tape I/O
Output to disk files: Disk File I/O
Output to screen: Keyboard/Screen I/O
Output to tape: Tape File I/O
Output, Postscript: Postscript
Output, uncompressed to disk files: Uncompressed Disk Output

Packages of routines, functions, and global variables: Packages
Parameters of functions and routines: Arguments
Parameters, empty: Empty Arguments
Parameters, specifying values for: Argument Specification
Parser errors: Error Messages
Plot coordinates: Screen Coordinates
Plot routines, line: Plots
Plots: Plots and Graphs
PLT coordinates: Screen Coordinates
Plus, unary: Unary Plus
Pointers to other variables: Pointers
Postscript routines: Postscript
Power functions: Spectral Functions
Power taking of expressions: Binary Arithmetic
Precision in formats: Format Precision
Program flow, tracing: Tracing
Pseudo-random numbers: Random Arrays

QUIT statement: EXIT/QUIT Statement
Quitting LUX: Start & Stop
Quotes: Strings

Random numbers: Random Arrays
Range subscripts: Range Subscripts
Ranges: Ranges
Ranges, restricting values to: Binary Bounding
Read-only global variables: Read-Only Globals
Read-write global variables: Read-Write Global Vars
Reading LUX input from a file: File Inclusion
Recording LUX output: Diagnostic Output
Recursion: Recursion
Reference Manual: Reference Manual
Referencing array elements: Referencing Arrays
Relational operators, binary: Binary Relationals
Relative image coordinates: Screen Coordinates
Relative plot coordinates: Screen Coordinates
REPEAT statement: REPEAT Statement
Reserved keywords: Reserved Keywords
Restricting values to ranges: Binary Bounding
RESUME statement: Ignoring Input
RETALL statement: RETALL Statement
Return to main level: RETALL Statement
Rice compression: Data-Compressed I/O
RIM coordinates: Screen Coordinates
Routine definition: Subroutine Definition
Routine groups: Routine Groups
Routine, main level: Block Routine Definition
Routines calling themselves: Recursion
Routines, argument specification: Argument Specification
Routines, arguments: Arguments
Routines, internal: Internal Routines
RPL coordinates: Screen Coordinates
RUN statement: Block Routine Execution
Running LUX in the background: Batch Mode
Running LUX unconnected to a terminal: Batch Mode
Running LUX, routines dealing with: Running

Scalars: Scalars
Screen coordinates: Screen Coordinates
Screen I/O routines: User I/O
Screen output: Keyboard/Screen I/O
Seeking routines: Seek
Selecting elements from groups: Subscripts
Sets of expressions: Compact Lists
Sets of numbers: Arrays
Sets of strings: Arrays
Sets of tagged expressions: Lists
Sexagesimal numbers: Floating-Point Numbers
Shell command line arguments for LUX: Command Line Arguments
Simple assignment: Straight Assignment
Sine transforms: Spectral Functions
Single numbers: Scalars
Single precision floating-point numbers: Floating-Point Numbers
Smoothing functions: Smoothing
Smoothing routines: Filters
Sorting routines: Sorting
Specification of arguments: Argument Specification
Specifying arrays: Specifying Arrays
Spectral transform functions: Spectral Functions
Stack routines: Stack
Start-up file: Start & Stop
Starting LUX: Start & Stop
Statement group: Block Statement
Statement selection by condition: CASE Statement
Statement selection by number: NCASE Statement
Statements: Statements
Statistical distributions: Statistical Functions
Statistical routines: Statistical Functions
Status functions: Status Funcs
Status of the system: System Inspection
Stepping through statements: Stepping
Stopping LUX: Start & Stop
String arrays: Arrays
String arrays, combining: Combining Arrays
String arrays, extracting elements: Referencing Arrays
String arrays, extracting elements: Referencing Arrays
String arrays, specifying: Specifying Arrays
String conversion: String Conversion
String routines: String Routines
Strings: Strings
Strings, combining: Concatenation
Structure element: Structure/List Element
Structures as subscripts: Lists of Subscripts
Structures, combining: Concatenation
Subroutine call: Subroutine Call
Subroutine definition: Subroutine Definition
Subroutine, main level: Block Routine Definition
Subroutines calling themselves: Recursion
Subroutines, argument specification: Argument Specification
Subroutines, arguments: Arguments
Subscripted expressions: Expression Subscripts
Subscripts: Subscripts
Subscripts, coordinate: Coordinate Subscripts
Subscripts, fractional: Fractional Subscripts
Subscripts, index: Index Subscripts
Subscripts, inserting using: Subscript Insertion
Subscripts, lists of: Lists of Subscripts
Subscripts, multiple: Multiple Subscripts
Subscripts, range: Range Subscripts
Subscripts, variable numbers of: Lists of Subscripts
Subtraction: Binary Arithmetic
Syntax errors: Error Messages
Syntax of LUX: Syntax
System functions: Status Funcs
System inspection: System Inspection
System routines: System

Tagged expressions, sets of: Lists
Taking the power of expressions: Binary Arithmetic
Tape file I/O: Tape File I/O
Tape I/O routines: Tape I/O
Text conversion: String Conversion
Text format modifiers: Format Modifiers
Topology routines: Topology
Tracing execution: Tracing
Trigonometric functions: Trigonometry
Types of input formats: Input Format Types
Typographical conventions: Conventions

Unary minus: Unary Minus
Unary plus: Unary Plus
Uncompressed disk file input routines: Uncompressed Disk Input
Uncompressed disk file output routines: Uncompressed Disk Output
Undefined variable: Undefined
Unequal to: Binary Relationals
Upper bound: Binary Bounding

Values: Expressions
Variable inspection: Variable Inspection
Variable numbers of subscripts: Lists of Subscripts
Variables: Variables
Variables local to a routine/function: Local Variables
Variables, associated with disk file: Associated Variables
Variables, global: Global Variables
Variables, global read-only: Read-Only Globals
Variables, global read-write: Read-Write Global Vars

WHILE-DO statement: WHILE-DO Statement
Width of fields in formats: Format Field Width
Window routines, X: Windows
WORD value: Numerical Data Types
Words, reserved: Reserved Keywords

X-window events: Events
X-window menus: Menus
X-window routines: Windows
X11 coordinates: Screen Coordinates

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