LUX is a program for processing of data, including images (not for cosmetic purposes, but as sources of data). It provides a command line where you can type commands written in the LUX language. It can read and execute LUX scripts written in the LUX language. It can display plots and images. It can read and write data. It can handle scalars and arrays of up to 8 dimensions, for data types from single bytes through to double-precision complex numbers, and text strings.

LUX provides many built-in functions and subroutines in the following areas:

LUX makes use of the following third-party libraries and tools:

LUX is released under the GNU General Public License.

Obtaining LUX

You can obtain LUX in various forms:

Reference Guide

You can access the LUX Reference Guide in various forms:

LUX Copyright 2013 Louis Strous